Tuesday, December 16, 2008

photos from uk

beautiful sunset
tiff and kathleen having fun in the water

dayna and miss seow

walking to the river

tiff, dayna and me
e hill at nettlecombe was so nice
dot and day

fsc from the hill

shadow shot


where are the mushmellows!!

Old church in Bishops Lydeard

Whats up dog

so happy :D

Listening attentively to mark
Juvenal's birthday cake
First dinner at nettlecombe fsc
There's where we store the ceddar cheese.. smelly :X

Walking through the ceddar cave. so dark and creepy

four guys

the pillar is so huge

my shop. kidding :D
omg im lost :O
One tree in the plains

tawan looking out in a daze
the hills from god knows where
nice sun light through the clouds

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

UK geography trip

came back from the uk ytd. had a wonderful time there with friends and teachers. Mr G and Mr Lian were so funny on the trip that just make us laugh when we need to. Ms Seow was always snapping pictures of buildings and scenery instead of us :( we went to nettlecombe fsc and stayed in a 400+ yr old building.(is there such a thing in singapore?) had bunk beds there and was sleeping with 4 other guys. e room was like crap and the heater wasnt working properly and had the smell of cuttlefish if u on it. crazy shit. we had lessons and field study which was kinda tiring but fun. went to take a look at the city of taunton, bishops lydeard and cotford st luke( bet u never heard of the last two b4). went to the rivers and just having fun when we reached the mouth with the wonderful sea which took our breath away. went to the slopes of the moor too and just having fun with the many friends i made during the trip. took lots of photos with them and ive uploaded most of them onto facebook. like 5 albums full of it and ive havent uploaded them all. leaving nettlecombe fsc was heartbreaking but the wonderful times i had in it would last a lifetime. the teachers there were great like amanda and naomi.

Went to bath first and saw the roman baths. was kinda cool to see the things that was found. e water was like hot when outside was so freaking cold. saw a weird busking as the people was like naked in the freaking cold in their G-string joking with the crowd. was funny. then it was off to cheddar gorge to see the caves and stuff. was nice seeing how nature creates such nice things. took quite a few photos when we were there. then it was off to nettlecombe fsc. e bus driver got kinda lost for a while. the roads were like bumpy and winding. but the worse thing is that there was no lampost around and it was pitch black. seriously scary.

After leaving nettlecombe fsc, we went to queens college in taunton for an exchange programme. we did a skit and presentation for some of the students. had lessons and toured the school. i love their sixth form lounge which was uber cool with cool vending machines, tv blasting music and nice comfy sofas. ate lunch there like the cafeteria style. saw a rehearsal of the upcoming play that they were having too.

Next we went to Oxford where we toured the university for the day and saw many historical buildings and heard about many famous people graduating from them. I called my mum when i was there and she told me to apply to study there since i was there already. lol. bought oxford hoodie and shirt.

after oxford we went back to london and had dinner while we were there. e foods around the place were like so limited and quite expensive. so we decided to get back to the convience store to get instant noodles and chips to get full. at london we had a full day tour seeing the london eye, big ben, parliment house, st pauls cathedral, westminster abbey, buckingham palace and many more. was kinda boring and dumb like getting off the bus then on again repeating dont know how many times. plus e tour guide kept lauging at herself and her super freezing subzero jokes.

Last day in london was free day and went around camden town and oxford street to shop till we really drop. e girls were buying loads of goods like it was so cheap compared to prices in singapore. dot bought e most stuff then dayna then maybe me? hahah how can a guy compete with girls at shopping. the girls would surely win at this. went to UO, aldo, zara, river island, sportsdirect and many more when we were there. they had like 3 stories of topshop at oxford circus which was crowded with people. like omg. its like almost the same stuff that u will get in singapore also so we didnt spend much time there. tawan was always waiting for the girls as he didnt had much to spend unlike them. had cheap lunch and dinner as we spent most of our money on shopping already. hahah. overall was fun loved the trip as a whole with the new friends that i made which at night talked to them about different stuff. had a fun night at the end of it. then e last was taking the 17 hrs flight back from london to doha then doha to singapore. then im back to singapore which i am now sitting at home writing this. tmr i would have waterpolo training camp in school and i will be away from home again. omg im gonna miss my bed and home. 2 weeks without training and back again with everyone training i think i really need to buck up and train harder then them. Samuel you can do it!!! :D

Saturday, June 7, 2008

im at the check in area now going to board the plane. had some problems just now with a scissors. haha left it in my pencil case and forgot to take it out. but everything is alright. haha. so excited to take e plane. it seems so small &midget compared to a A380. haha. hope it can fly.. will be back on e 15th so see you then :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

hey bloggy. long time no scriblling on you. here's a scrible. last week i went for waterpolo camp from friday till sunday. had training on friday from 5-730 playing game and went for dinner. had rules and regulation thingy and a gold medal match viewing. *3/5 of the people were sleeping* haha. then went to hit the bed. on sat had morning training. then we saw the alumni and some nat players coming down. the team saw tiyan they all panic cause he's like huge and monsterious.. lucky we didnt play against them. had lunch then team bonding games. the ultimate toasties was totally disgusting. skippy peanutbutter&blueberry jam?! omg. ewww!!! after that we had training which we played games with each other. then had buffet dinner in school at the gallery. it was relatively ok. had free time after dinner before the movie screening of 'the guardian' was a quite good movie discribing the united states coast guard. after that we slept. then sunday had training in the morning. had time trails did relatively ok. then played water touch rugby. lol. quite fun. after that packed up and left for church.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

went to school and it was all so boring and like dull. i fell sick during the course of the day during like math lecture. the throat started hurting then i knew that my tonsils had inflamated. then i asked ms hon during econs lecture for a green slip to go home she didnt want to give and just ask me to sleep -.- then had to wait till pw. i was like dying la.. felt the fever was coming already.. then waited till chem. imma was kind enough to say ' go home i tell mrs cheng you sick' but i said ' i want to stay on anyway only 1 1/2 hr only.' but after 30mins i say nevermind go home.. by that time i had fever already. went to ms hon got a green slip and go home!! yay.. missed 1hr of chem. went home slept and didnt go for piano. woke up at like 8pm and my mum told me go see doctor you're like burning.. saw the doctor. didnt know what the nurse said. like the usual doctor not in? when i went in the doctor was like so young la. think he just graduated from medical school. used a crumpler somemore. got 4days mc!! went home took medicine and just slept again.

didnt go to school and stayed at home the whole day. slept alot and played alot. like spending friday like i wanted too. didnt get this for a long long time. lol. felt so happy :D haha. but studied abit for chem test but then too tired and slept again.

woke up and ate breakfast before going for chem tut.saw sabrina outside e house. then we were early. then sat outside. found out that she was from my church's kindergarden. must go find her photo and grad concert video. hahaha. waterpolo camp is next friday and she taught is like a few wks later or something. then when we had tution suddenly saw a person walk pass. then the teacher made a joke. wah overshoot. lol.then when i saw the person me and sabrina was like omg maybe to a higher extend of omg.. couldnt stop laughing for like 5mins. felissa said like her sister felt weird when we stared her like that. sorry! didnt know it was like exact copy paste la. lol. thats all fun stuff. hahaha.

Monday, May 12, 2008

tdy was a bright and sunny day. and i had like e sneezy bug out of a sudden.. just started sneezing like mad throughout the day. was like so irritating can. haha. had lessons till 2pm cause we're going down to e padang to watch e Adiv rugby finals against acsi. there were like 25buses going down to the padang*according to mr chey* but i saw only 10 odd buses? lol. so excited to go down. went with the polo team instead of my class. when we reach e padang it was so freaking hot.. like e sun was directly above us!! then felissa complained 'we're gonna get uneven tan' lol. lame shit. haha. then placed my bags with e polo team and ran around the padang. e grass is like so nice la. lol. saw e rugby team like practicing at st andrews' cathedral?! lol. thought they went there to pray for blessing and stuff. when they came to the padang? the coach stopped e traffic for them to get across!!! wow.. lol. then it was cheering time.. cheer and cheer till throat was dry. like real dry. had 100plus e proud sponsor of the rugby finals. lame shit. lol. acsi were like dam big compared to sa. like they can ram them down easily. sa takes like 3ppl to get one guy down. e score in the end was like 20-8 but a real great job but e rugby team!!! you're like e best team ive ever seen playing rugby. plus jeg was like e best pot ive even seen like woooo... so high man.. lol. after the game went to jco to grab some awesome doughnuts then went to starbucks to chill while e snow whites were doing their geog. so sad.. they're like struggling while doing it. haha you can do it!! lol then took a bus back home and now im home :D

Sunday, May 11, 2008

omg loads of things happened during the time im not blogging. so here are the few memoriable things i can rmb. lets say 10. haha. its gonna crack my brain a bit.*not in numerical order*
1. played in nat school compertition. scored a goal ea in almost every game.
2. failed 1st math test with 1/30. but passed subsequent test. *hope to pass e rest too :)*
3. had a tub of apple pie icecream with tabby,amanda and dont know who *sorry i dont know your name* at island creamery after sajc won acjc in rugby at ccab. was late for training by like 30mins?! lol.
4. had first chem tution. suprised to see the people there. sabrina and some sa girl. couldnt catch her name. and nigel used to be there. *lucky not there anymore* hahaha.
5. went island creamery with 5 of the snow whites on friday.
6. went for college play. sat beside genevieve during the play. quite funny actually. both of the lead actor and actoress i know them *they're from the same OG in O1.* haha.
7. had sports day. did timekeeping as d-ong made us to do. standed in the hot sun and recorded time for the 5th position. lol. sinyee won like 2nd in musical chairs! took like retarded photos with ariel.
8. went to bugis with 4 other girls from the waterpolo team to collect their team backpacks. *i wish i can have that instead of the guys one* ate sakae sushi before collecting. got like kinda scolded for ordering kids meal. but it was fun. lol.
9. -.- forgot. whoops.
10. today is mother's day! happy mother's day to those mums out there!